About Us

The Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation, PF, created by the University of the Azores, is a Public Foundation of private law, endowed with legal personality, governance bodies and property, financially and administratively self-sufficient, which is governed by its statutes, internal regulations, Foundations Laws and other relevant legislation.

The Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation, PF, has public utility granted by the Regional Government of the Azores (order of June 27th, 2013).

Within a close cooperation with the University of the Azores, the Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation aims to foster technological, social, cultural, artistic, economic, environmental and sports activities, among others, by promoting and participating in contests, programs and projects, as well as the development of training, consulting and information dissemination.

The Foundation has the following responsibilities:

a) To promote, support and carry out scientific research activities and experimental and technological development, in close association with higher education institutions, research and business companies, and to encourage cooperation between them and other national and foreign entities;

b) To stimulate, encourage and provide scientific and technological development services as well as technical and scientific advise;

c) To endorse, support and carry out training activities and promote science and technology;

d) To award scholarships, grants and financial aid, to support science and technology activities and professional training, promoting merit and excellence, among other initiatives of social interest;

e) To enhance projects and actions of interest to increase the quality of teaching, research and services, as well as to ensure good practices and promote environment preservation, people´s safety and goods;

f) To promote supporting programs in areas such as science, technology, society, environment, culture and sports, among others, aiming the accomplishment of programs, projects and actions within the Foundation's goals.

In achieving its goals, the Foundation may purchase real estate and goods, sign contracts and establish partnerships and agreements with public or private, national or foreign entities, as well as join institutions that pursue similar purposes in any area of scientific and technological knowledge.