Message from the President of the General Council

The Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation was established by the University of the Azores on March 4th of 1999 as a private institution of public utility, obtaining such recognition, for the first time, by Decree Law Number 674/2000 of March 13th, published in the Official Journal, Number 92, of April 18th.

The establishment of Law Number 1/2012, of January 3rd, which led to a census of all national and international foundations, aiming their eventual extinction, and also with Law Number 24/2012, of July 9th, known as the Fundamental Law on Foundations, which established the foundations governing principles and rules, the Government of the Portuguese Republic, due to the favorable opinion of the Regional Government of the Azores, decided to uphold the Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation.

Such decision proved to be of great importance for the Foundation, in the meantime declared once again a public utility institution by the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, in June 27th of 2013, as well to the University of the Azores whose development, especially in terms of scientific and technological research, owes much to the pivotal role of Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation since its creation.

Now is important to adjust the Foundation to new demands, providing it with a structure capable of facing the challenges raised by the numerous regional, national and European operational programs that now begin within the Community Support 2020. But, more than that, it is essential to promote its development by cooperating with the University of the Azores and in close ties with society, promoting actions in order to decisively contribute to the economic growth and social well-being of citizens.

This is the main mission of the Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation in the present.

João Luís Gaspar
President of the General Council